Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation

Material - Titanium

Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation (PFNA) is an excellent device for osteosynthesis as it can be easily inserted, it provides angular and rotational stability and allows early weight bearing on the affected limb.

  • Anatomic Reduction
  • Stable Fixation
  • Preservation of Blood Supply
  • Early, active mobilization

Short PFNA (Indications)

- Pertrochanteric fractures
- Intertrochanteric fractures
- High subtrochanteric fractures

Short PFNA (Available Sizes)
- Ø9.5*170/200/240mm
- Ø10*170/200/240mm
- Ø11*170/200/240mm

Long PFNA (Indications)
- Low and extended subtrochanteric fractures
- Ipsilateral trochanteric fractures
- Combination fractures (in the proximal femur)
- Pathological fractures

Long PFNA (Available Sizes)
- Ø9.5*320/340/360/380mm [Left and Right side]
- Ø10*320/340/360/380mm [Left and Right side]
- Ø11*320/340/360/380mm [Left and Right side] 

PFNA Lag Screw 

Compaction of cancellous bone, especially for elderly & osteoporosis patients 

Higher cut-out resistance


PFNA Lag Screw
Available Sizes

Femoral Nail Locking Screw (Self-Tapping)
Available Sizes

End Cap (protect nail threads from tissue ingrowth)

Available Sizes